Ballade For Flugelhorn / Stephan Hodel (?)
Original Title : "Ballad für Flügelhorn"
The most common problem facing Junior Bands is usually an unbalanced instrumentation.
All the pieces in this book have been conceived with young players in mind, and the parts are availabe in different transpositions, so that various conbinations of instruments are possible.

Part 1 in C (8va) - Flute
Part 1 in C - Oboe, Piccolo
Part 1 in Eb - Eb clarinet, Soprano Cornet
Part 1 in Bb - 1st Clarinet, 1st Trumpet/Cornet

Part 2 in Bb - 2nd Clarinet, 2nd Trumpet/Cornet

Part 3 in Bb - 3rd Clarinet, 3rd Trumpet/Cornet

Part 4 in F - Horn
Part 4 in Eb - Eb Horn, Alto Clarinet, Alto Saxophone

Part 5 in C/Bb - 1st Trombone/Baritone

Part 6 in C/Bb - 2nd Trombone/Baritone

Part 7 in C - Euphonium
Part 7 in Bb - Tenor Saxophone, Euphonium

Part 8 in Eb - Eb Tuba, Baritone Saxophone
Part 8 in C - Tuba, String Bass, Bassoon
Part 8 in Bb - Bb Tuba, Bass Clarinet


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