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Eb Altohorn

Besson Sovereign BE950-1-0 Lacquer finish

This instrument is temporarily unavailable
CHF 4735.00
CHF 1200.00

Besson Sovereign BE950-2-0 Silverplated

Sorry, this instrument is already old

Eb Tuba

Besson Eb Tuba BE976-1-0, Laqued, Monel valves, 3 compensated valves

CHF 9165.00
CHF 4800.00

Besson Sovereign Eb Tuba BE976-2-0, Silverplated, Monel valves, 3 compensated valves

Overhauled, cleaned inside and outside. No big dent. New valve guides, springs, felts, waterkey joins. With brand new Besson Gig bag, Alliance mouthpiece, lyra, cleaning cloth and oil.
Sorry, this instrument is already old

Besson Sovereign BE982-2-0 Eb Tuba Silverplated

CHF 10155.00
CHF 6500.00

Eb tuba Geneva Brass, Symphony, 4 valves, Laquered

CHF 8169.00
CHF 6120.00

Yamaha YEB-201 Eb Bass, laquered

CHF 5130.00
CHF 4000.00

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