First Repertoire Pieces - Alto Saxophone, ed. Peter Wastall (2012 revised edition) + CD (M060124716)
2012 Revised edition

18 pieces for saxophone and piano selected and edited by Peter Wastall, now refreshed and repackaged to fulfil the needs of the next generation of musicians. Providing the perfect 'next step' for students reaching the end of Peter Wastall's award-winning Learn As You Play method books, these collections of repertoire are ideally suited for students of Grade 3-5 standard. Each piece is now complemented by useful practice and performance tips. A newly-recorded CD of backing tracks is also included alongside the piano accompaniment.

  1. A. Ilyinsky: Berceuse
  2. R. Maltby: Heather on the Hill
  3. F. Schubert: Serenade
  4. J.S. Bach: Musette
  5. W. Benson: Cantilena
  6. A. Rubinstein: Melody
  7. P. Harris: Foxtrot
  8. H. Ferguson: Petit jeu
  9. C. Evans: Sweet Corn
  10. K.R. Cole: Hooligan Strain
  11. A. Krori: Blue Funk
  12. A. Ridout: Scherzo
  13. C. Batton: A Lady in Blue
  14. J. Gurewich: Czardas
  15. P. Bouillon
  16. A. Ktori: Soul-Track
  17. C. Cowles: Myopic Mice
  18. E. Wolf-Ferrari: Strimpellata

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