Repair workshop

Top Music is also a repair workshop for wind instruments (flute, clarinet, saxophone...) and brass instruments (cornet, trumpet, tenor horn, french horn, baritone, euphonium, trombone, bass, tuba...).

You will find a competent staff and a well-equipped workshop.

Whatever your need, we certainly have a solution.

With us no surprise : a free estimate will be made at the time of the deposit of your instrument. If during the job we will find a problem which was not visible, we'll contact you.

We have in stock a very large quantity of spare parts, saxophone, clarinet or flute pads, valve guides, springs, mother-of-pearl and buttons, tubes, screws of all brands... So there's no need to wait for a part to arrive in most cases!

Even if music instrument repair is a manual work, we have a complete equipment that allows us to perform all operations.

By appointment your instrument will be immobilized only a minimum of time

Our assets

Free quotation

Careful work

Competence and equipment

Spare parts stock

Short lead times

Logbook and maintenance card


Our repair shop for brass and wind instruments can provide you with all kinds of services, such as for example :

  • Adjustment of flute keys, clarinet or saxophone keys
  • Replacing cork tenons on a saxophone neck
  • Replacement of the flute head cap
  • Replacement of body or clarinet mouthpiece cork
  • Partial or complete re-padding
  • Interior and/or exterior cleaning
  • Simple revision
  • Extensive overhauls, replacement of wearing parts (corks, piston springs, water key springs, trigger springs, valve guide, felts, water key rubber)...
  • Slides degripping and deoxidation
  • Cleaning and polishing trombone slide with straightening of parallelism on marble
  • Dent removal for instruments and pavilions
  • Welding of in-between, slides, etc.
  • Dismantling, desoldering, straightening and dent removal of parts after heavy shocks
  • New lacquer
  • ...and many more!

Workshop equipment

  • Low pressure pump: to check very precisely the tightness of the flute pads
  • Dent Removal Bench: the complement to the many shapes, mandrels, burnisher and mallets to perform all possible instrument dent removal.
  • Cleaning tanks: large capacity, essential for manual cleaning of instruments
  • Chemical baths: different capacities and different types for additional cleaning
  • Polisher: to restore absolute shine or to prepare instruments for new lacquer
  • Various tools: from precision tools such as calipers and comparators to large tools such as lathes or column drills. Not forgetting a lot of screwdrivers, pliers and other small tools, essential to our work

Top Music SA

We're specialized in selling and repairing Brass and woodwind instruments, drums and percussions

We have a real workshop with all necessary tools and machines and with a graduated repairman.

Our online webshop is on internet since 1996 at www.topmusic.ch. If you didn't find what you're looking for, please contact us !

Top Music SA - Zone Industrielle C 81 - CH-1844 Villeneuve (Switzerland) - +41 (0)219 604 604 - info@topmusic.ch