Yamaha Neo Eb Cornet YCR-8620, laquered (YCR-8620 02)
Technological Innovations Deliver New Instruments To The Traditional Brass Band

True to its meaning "Modern Form", Neo brass instruments are based
upon knowledge accumulated through developmental research at the molecular level.

Utilising this knowledge to select materials and devise processing methods,
these instruments have come to form through a combination of our most advanced
technologies and the expertise of our master craftsmen whose highly refined skills
allow processing of materials to tolerances of up to 1/100mm.

Collaborating with some of the world's foremost professional artists,
we have gone through the entire instrument lineup, dismantling everything that has been
until now the norm, scrutinising each part and component to design instruments
that fulfill the requirements of today's discerning players.
The result is a series of instruments taking on a "Modern Form" that will lead
brass band instruments from this point on.
The new Eb cornet has been designed to provide comfort and security when performing in the high register, while maintaining a beautiful warm sound in any range. The intonation is incredibly accurate and the cornet plays with an even, nimble response.

New one-piece bell design, excellent intonation and response combined with a dark rich sound complement this professional Eb cornet.

Thinner Bell
The new bell shape allows the sound to resonate more freely

Modified bell taper
The modified taper provides more projection while maintaining a warm, rich sound

Curved leadpipe with sleeve
A curved leadpipe provides the correct amount of resistance while allowing the player to achieve a full and warm tone

Redesigned bell braces
New bell braces provide the least amount of resistance possible to help increase resonance

Lightweight construction
Lightweight construction allows for excellent control and flexibility

Bell : 120 mm
Bore :     11.30mm

With case and mouthpiece

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