Besson Sovereign BE967-1-0 Bb Euphonium Laquered
The Sovereign BE967 euphonium is the standard large bore instrument of the brass band world. Since the inception of the Sovereign euphonium in 1972, this instrument has led the way with a sound quality that perfectly exemplifies the meaning of the word euphonium itself, 'beautiful sounding', with a cantabile style all of its own.

It has 4 valves with its famous compensating tuning system, 3 water keys, the innovative positionning of the leadpipe away from the bell for a lively response; the improved taper on the mouthpipe for improved intonation are just a few of its notable features. The pedal tones are huge, the best ever, as is the flexibility.

This is an elegant romantic instrument. Its clear centred high register allows the player freedom to 'sing' through the instrument.

  • Key: Bb
  • Bore: .59" (15mm)
  • Bell diameter: 12" (304mm) upright
  • Weight: 4.25kg
  • Valves: 4 bottom sprung stainless steel
  • 2nd valve finger ring
  • Compensating system
  • Water keys: 3 (including 3rd valve slide)
  • Patented spring damper set
  • Nickel-silver tuning slides
  • 'Floating' leadpipe
  • Nylon Delrin valve guides
  • Classic bell size
  • Supplied outfit, in case with Alliance mouthpiece in leather case and accessories
  • Instrument Characteristics:
  • Compensating system: Improved intonation in lower register
  • Patented spring damper set: Quieter valve action
  • Floating leadpipe: Enhanced tone, allows bell to vibrate
  • Bottom sprung valves: Faster action
  • 2 finger rings: For easy slide removal
  • Nickel silver tuning slides: Resists corrosion
  • Bell rim rolled and soldered over brass bell wire: Adds strength and protection to bell
  • Synthetic rubber water key seals: For a perfect seal
  • Water reservoir: Protects clothes from leaking moisture from pistons
  • Stainless steel valves: Smooth valve action. No oxidization

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