Box of 10 reeds D'Addario Reserve Classic for Bb clarinet #3.5+ (DCT10355)

Reserve Classic reeds have been designed for clarinetists by clarinetists in collaboration with Mark Nuccio, Acting Principal Clarinetist of the NY Philharmonic.

- Special cane treatment process that helps reduce reed warping
- Gradual tip shape adding more tonal warmth
- Traditional tip thickness for a quick articulation
- Offered in 2.0 to 4.5 including a 3.5+ and 4.0+ strength
- Like the Reserve line, uses only the densest, lower internode cane for longer durability and consistency

"After 25 years of making my own reeds, I've put down my reed knife! The Reserve Classic has warmth, projection and response right out of the box. They stay stable under different weather conditions with a greater percentage of performance reeds in every box." - Mark Nuccio, Acting Principal Clarinet, New York Philharmonic

"I have been blown away with the new D'Addario reserve classic!! The final weeks of our subscription season at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra have been some the most rewarding weeks that I have had in this orchestra--all because of the extreme flexibility, color and dynamics that I am able to produce with your new reed design. I am convinced that it will revolutionize our world as clarinetists for both students and professionals." - Richie Hawley, Principal Clarinet, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Pack of 10 reeds

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