40 Modern Studies for Clarinet / James Rae (UE19735)
40 Modern studies, in Rhythm and Interpretation,  for Solo Clarinet
This book has been written to familiarise the clarinettist with various rhythms and phrasings encountered in modern music.
Each study deals with a particular aspect of rhythmic playing, ranging from Jazz and Rock to modern Classical interpretation. They are of short to moderate lenght in order to maximise concentration on style.
The studies have been compiled in order of difficulty to enable the player to gauge his or her progress.

  • Prowlin'
  • Undercover
  • Sad Dance
  • Jumpin'
  • Backtrack
  • In the Wings
  • Slow Motion
  • The Big One
  • Passing Time
  • Forever
  • Tumbledown Blues
  • In the Beginning
  • Sir Neville
  • Last Chance
  • Ted's Shuffle
  • Happy Ending
  • Movin'
  • Flying Overland
  • Windy Ridge
  • Down to Earth
  • Catch it!
  • Slavonic Dance
  • Dai's Surprise
  • Exclusive
  • Ambiguity
  • On the Brink
  • Now Hear This!
  • In a Dream
  • Helix
  • All Change!
  • Images
  • Latin Jive
  • Round and Round
  • Entanglement
  • Meditation
  • Hard Rock Blues
  • Frenzy
  • Inside - out
  • Nomad
  • Oiled Wheels

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