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Thomas Rüedi (Euphonium)

Workshop Thomas Rüedi at the Music Academy of Lausanne

A masterclass for Euphoniums and Tubas : an event co-organized by the "Conservatoire de Lausanne", Yamaha Switzerland and Top Music

The Dean of non-professional class of brass instruments, Mister Robert Ischer welcomes us.

A numerous and attentive public came to listen the advices of Thomas Rüedi

To begin, let us make some breath exercises...

... Exercises illustrated by an explanation of the diaphragm functioning with has a very interesting demonstrative device

Buzzing work, with mouthpiece is a very important exercise.

Let us pass to warm-ups with the instrument

Then the exercises, notably tonging works

And to end, a brilliant demonstration of Thomas Rüedi, impressive of control !

Thomas Rüedi

Thomas Rüedi was born in 1969 in Oberwil, near Berne, Switzerland and began playing the euphonium at the age of 11. He soon showed a great affinity for the instrument which led to him winning many national solo prizes in his youth.

Thomas Rüedi went on to study music in England between 1991 and 1995, following degree courses in euphonium, conducting, composition and arranging. As a solo euphonium player, he has performed with many of Britain?s finest brass bands.

Back in Switzerland, Thomas Rüedi was appointed musical director of Brassband Bürgermusik Luzern (1995-2002) and "Seeland Brass" (1997 to date). As a guest conductor of Brass Band Berneroberland, Thomas Rüedi won the Swiss Open and European Open Contest 2004 in Lucerne.

He is euphonium and chamber music tutor at the Musikhochschule Luzern and Hochschule der Künste Bern. He is also active as a composer and arranger, having a particular interest in the enrichment of the euphonium repertoire.

Thomas Rüedi has performed as soloist throughout Europe, USA and Asia. In 1999 he was awarded first prize at the European Solo Championships for brass players in Munich.

The following year he recorded his highly regarded solo CD "Elégie".

He regularly performs with some of Switzerlands finest Symphony Orchestras, playing the tenortuba and basstrumpet parts.

"Synthesis" is one of his more recent projects in which Thomas Rüedi performs alongside marimba virtuoso Raphael Christen

Thomas Rüedi plays on Yamaha Euphonium

If you wants to organize an event with Thomas Rüedi, you can contact him directly

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