Mouthpiece Yamaha Neo for cornet, numéro Neo16Trd-M

A newly developed Neo? Specialized Heat Treatment (NSHT) maximizes tonal depth and warmth.

A heat treatment process designed specifically for Neo mouthpieces independently alters the physical properties of the metal in the cup, rim, and shank areas, achieving ideal overall quality and characteristics for British brass band mouthpieces.

Ideal balance for smooth, consistent playability and tone throughout the instrument?s range.

The new Neo mouthpieces are thicker in the area closest to the player?s lips.* This provides ideal resistance plus smooth, consistent tone over the wide range required for brass band performance.

* Not including the CR-Neo16Trd-M

A rim shape that inspires confidence.

A new rim contour that is flatter than the standard models* helps to maintain lip stability even when playing for many hours or playing with vibrato. Lip contact and fit are notably improved for enhanced long-term playing stability.

* Not including the CR-Neo16Trd-M

Most cornets used in British brass bands are ?short cornets? rather than ?long cornets? that have fewer bends and are closer to a trumpet in form. The mouthpieces used with these instruments have different shank types.

The newly designed Neo cornet mouthpiece has an M shank designed specifically for use with Bb (short) cornets, providing ideal resistance and playability for British brass band performance situations.

This mouthpiece remains true to classic designs for excellent response and freedom that are ideal for solo performances.

  • Rim Inner Diameter: 17.17mm
  • Rim Contour: Semi-round
  • Cup Depth: Standard
  • Throat: 3.86mm
  • Backbore: Semi-wide
  • Shank size: Middle

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